вторник, 18 августа 2009 г.


Otmenili sorevnovaniya v Interlakene 30-31 avgusta.
Vot pochemu:

Dear Sponsors, Partners, & Athletes
We wish to inform you that the SWISS BOATERCROSS MASTERS 2009 will be postponed until 2010. At this point in time we do not feel we will be able to deliver a quality, safe event. In our opinion it is better to cancel now, than to risk delivering a less than optimal event that would disappoint our sponsors and could potentially be dangerous for the athletes.
We have reached the decision to cancel the event due to the following reasons.
1. Budget Restrictions – Despite the support of our sponsors (Thank you!), we are still unable to reach the budget to safely realize the event. As the Boatercross is an extreme sporting event safety is of the utmost priority. We are not willing to cut corners to save money at the risk of an injury to an athlete.
2. Limited Registration – Pre-registration for the event has been limited. We feel that instead of complimenting the World Freestyle Championships in Thun as planned, we are in fact competing against it. We feel it is a better decision to postpone the Swiss Boatercross Masters until 2010, rather than trying to compete for athletes against the 2009 event in Thun.
The Swiss Boatercross Masters on the White Lütschine is one of the top events of it’s kind. The OC and many other people people have invested a lot of time and energy in preparing for the 2009 event. It was a very difficult decision to postpone the event until 2010, however we feel strongly that it is the best choice. We ask for your understanding and support in this decision, and hope that you will join us next year in creating a successful event.

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